HISTORY - Lourdes Matha Church

The history of Lourdes Matha Church Pacha - Chekkidikadu is greatly co-related with Edathua St.George Forane Church. The people from Pacha - Chekkidikadu had a decisive role in the Edathua church committee. Lourdes Matha Church Pacha Chekkidikadu is situating four kilometres to the west of Edathua Church. Edathua Parish was constituted by three parts and each part contains three Karas, ie Nine Karas were there in Edathua church. The Pacha was in Nadumuri and Chekkidikadu was in Thekkemuri. Both Pacha Kara and Chekkidikadu Kara tried for separate churches. After long discussions and negotiations they decided to construct a single common church in the name of Lourdes Matha. Such a unity is rare in the history of Catholic churches in Kerala.

In 1925 the Government gave sanction for the construction of the church. The foundation stone of the church was laid on 2nd February 1925.The enthusiastic people of Pacha-Chekkidikadu rapidly constructed a temporary shed mainly using weaved (medanja) coconut leaves. So people called this church as Medapalli. Shortly after the construction of the medapalli ,we got sanction from the Bishop Mar Thomas Kurialasseri, for the celebration of Holy Mass and began the blessings of the first Holy Mass from this church started on 1st March 1925.

Edathua church was having three purayidoms in Pacha Chekkidikadu namely, Thenathu purayidom, Kolath purayidom and Vadayattu purayidom at the junction point of three rivers. In this divine land, the then people constructed the church. So this church later named as Thenathupalli, Kolathupalli and Vadayattupalli. Among these three names “Vadayattupalli” was prominent. So people called Lourdes Matha in this church as “Vadayattamma”. At the same time this church was known as Koilmuck Lourdes Matha church in the records of the Changanacherry Arch- Diocese.

The famous Grotto of Lourdes Matha was constructed and blessed in the year 1967. Those who light candles and offer prayers in front of the Grotto is blessed immensely. There are so many living witness for this.

Till 1968 offering the Eucharist was done by priests from Edathua church, later it was done by own priests. In 1992 the status of our parish was raised from Kurishupalli to free parish Church. The parishioners wanted to setup a new church and the parish committee decided to construct the same and the foundation stone of the new church was laid on 2nd December 1995 by the Archbishop of Changanacherry, Mar Joseph Powathil.

The architecture of this church was designed by Nirmithi Kendra, Government of Kerala. It is designed in accordance with Kerala temple architecture and such a design is very rare in the churches in Kerala. The new church was blessed by Mar. Joseph Powathil, Archbishop of Changanacherry on 24th April 2000.

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