The establishment of schools near the churches is a christian tradition. Usually church sets up and then schools start. That was the normal tradition of the earlier period. But in the case of Pacha Chekkidikadu a school was realized before the establishment of a church. A primary school was started in 1918 as a lamp of this region. The school was established at the Vadayattu Purayidom, the southern side of the present Lourdes Matha Church Pacha Chekkidikadu. It was started as a Nursary School (Kalari) and later in 1918 got sanction to start a primary school. In the beginning, it was known as Vadayattu Pallikoodam. But in official records, it was St. Xavier's Primary School Pacha West, Koilmuck. In 1923 it became a full fledged L P School (Std.1-IV) and in 1963 it became a full fledged U P School.

Quality primary education was imparted by the school for long years. So major number of degree holders in kuttanadu during 1960's were from Pacha Chekkidikadu region. Former Vicar Rev. Fr. Thomas Kizhakkedathu recollects this whenever we speak with him. The school has been giving well balanced education since it started. So a large number of people in this locality and surroundings received good basic education. This helped them a great deal to achieve higher education. Even now the school is the best among the primary schools in Kuttanadu Educational District. In fact, the real light of knowledge of this area is St. Xavier's U P School Pacha Chekkidikadu.

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